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New BORN Dashboard
• November 22, 2018: BORN will be launching the NICU/SCN Dashboard featuring 2 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
• The first BORN dashboard – the Maternal Newborn Dashboard was introduced in 2012 and led to clinically relevant practice improvements at the provincial level in the majority of targeted indicators 

What is a dashboard?
A dashboard is an audit and feedback tool designed to help hospital staff and providers identify areas where practice is good and where there is room for improvement.

How does it work?
• provides feedback on key performance indicators
• compares performance to established benchmarks (as well as other hospitals)
• provides signals to trigger action if performance is sub-optimal

What are the benefits?
• measures KPIs that are clinically meaningful, feasible to measure and actionable
• helps Ontario hospitals with maternal newborn and/or NICU/SCN units meet requirements set out in the Excellent Care for All Act (2010)

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Maternal Newborn (MND)

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BORN Information System Maternal Newborn Dashboard

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Enhancements to the Maternal Newborn Dashboard Report

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Changes to the Incomplete Infant Record, Incomplete NICU/SCN Records and Maternal-Infant Cross Encounter Discrepancy Reports

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Clinical Reports - Key Indicator Report & Patient Experience

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