Special Reports

Indigenous Stakeholder Feedback to BORN - 2016 Report

BORN Ontario is pleased to release the report BORN Engagement with Indigenous Stakeholders: 2012-2013. The report outlines the Indigenous stakeholders contacted and feedback received in response to the question: How can BORN best meet the needs of Indigenous mothers and children in Ontario? The report includes the themes that emerged with examples of comments provided as well as BORN progress to date. The findings have guided BORN’s approach to data collection, use and release and should be of interest to anyone requesting data from BORN as well as all stakeholders who submit data. It provides an understanding of the importance of Indigenous data governance and guidance for any organization with a mandate involving Indigenous data.

*Acknowledgement: this report is a first step and does not represent all Indigenous stakeholders in the province.

Perinatal Health Indicators for Ontario 2012

BORN Ontario is pleased to present a new provincial report, titled Perinatal Health Indicators for Ontario 2012. The report provides province-level information on eight perinatal indicators between 2006 and 2010, and compares the Ontario results to the rest of Canada. The findings will be of interest to healthcare providers, public health officials, epidemiologists, researchers, and administrators, and can be used to complement the Canadian Perinatal Surveillance System report Perinatal Health Indicators for Canada 2011, in which Ontario data were largely excluded due to historical data quality problems with Ontario data in national databases.

This new report illustrates the scope and importance of the BORN Information System in addressing measurement issues in perinatal surveillance for Ontario.