2017 Conference

Conference Evaluation     

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Day 1 - Monday April 24th

Value Based Health Care for Mothers and Babies
Keynote Speaker – Dr. Neel Shah 
Dr.Sandra Dunn 
Concurrent Session - 1  
Validation Cesarean Section Moms and Babies
A Data-Driven and Safety-Orientated Approach to Evaluating Change of Sampling Time Policy for Neonatal Screens

Emeril Santander

Cesarean Sections for Abnormal Fetal Heart Tracings: Setting Indicators of Appropriateness based on Neonatal Outcomes

Dr. Stephanie Ahken

Designing and Implementing an Innovative Breastfeeding Program for Young Women through a Youth-informed Process

Christina Cantin & Nicole Olive

A Data Validation Exercise between the CIHI-DAD and the BORN Information System

Dr. Qun (Grace) Miao

Previous Cesarean Section and Late Preterm Birth  

Abdool Yasseen

Neonatal Pain Management: Barriers to and Facilitators of Data Entry in the Better Outcomes Registry & Network (BORN) Ontario Information System

Catherine Larocque

Developing Analytic Guidance for Infant Feeding Surveillance using the Locally Driven Collaborative Project Retrospective 6-month Single Time Point Questionnaire

Jessica Deming & Sandy Dupuis

Perceptions of Healthcare Providers Regarding Skin-to-Skin Contact at Cesarean Births

Megan Furnivall

Making an Impact through an Innovative Youth-informed Breastfeeding Program for Young Women: Evaluating Self-efficacy

Christina Cantin

Concurrent Session - 2  
Women & Families VBAC Exposures/Risks
Perinatal Care Experiences of Women with Physical Disabilities in Ontario

Lesley Tarasoff

Developing a VBAC Quality Standard to Improve Uptake and Using BORN Data to Monitor VBAC Rates in Ontario

Diana An

Difference in Hospital Length of Stay for Neonates with In-Utero Exposure to Buprenorphine, Methadone and Illicit Opioids

Dr. Sarah Fernandez

Using Mobile Apps to Facilitate Reporting of Vaccination Status. Preliminary Results of a Pilot Study with BORN, ImmunizeCA and Ottawa Public Health

Katherine Atkinson

Predicting VBAC Success at Admission to Hospital

Dr. Patricia Janssen

Relationship between Body Mass Index (BMI) and Lipophilic Persistent Organic Pollutants (L-POPs) Levels in Women of the Maternal-Infant Research on Environmental Chemicals (MIREC) Study

Marianne Levesque

Maternal Health Outcomes among Indigenous People living in Toronto

Dr. Janet Smylie & Sara Wolfe

Trial of Labour Compared with Repeat Planned Cesarean Delivery in Morbidly Obese Women with Prior Cesarean Delivery: Impact on Neonatal Outcomes

E Mei-Dan

Comparing Definitions of Severe Obesity in Young Children: A Cross-sectional Study of TARGet Kids! and BORN Ontario

Meloja Satkunam

Geoff Barnum
Creating Safe Options for Birth Settings - A Crucial Conversation!
Dr. Neel Shah & Dr. Eileen Hutton & Dr. Jon Barrett

Day 2 - Tuesday April 25th

Andrea Lanes
Dr. Nan Okun & Shelley Dougan
OCAP is the Key to Unlocking the Value of First Nations Data
Carmen Jones & Roseanne Sutherland
Concurrent Session - 3  
Systems Midwifery Diabetes
Use of Maternal Newborn Audit and Feedback System in Ontario: A case Study Comparison

Jessica Reszel

Outcomes Associated with Planned Place of Birth in Low-Risk Women Attended by Midwives in Ontario, 2006-2009: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Dr. Eileen Hutton 

Trends of Gestational Diabetes in Canada: 2004-2014

Dr. Chantal Nelson 

A Population-based Comparison of Obstetrical Practices and Outcomes for Preterm Infants between France and Ontario

Abdool Yasseen

Midwifery Care for Uninsured Women: A Look at the Numbers


Dr. Liz Darling

Induction of Labor Before 40 weeks is Associated with Lower Rate of Cesarean Section in Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Dr. Nir Melamed

Postnatal Prediction of Gestational Age using Newborn Fetal Hemoglobin Levels

Dr. Steven Hawken

Outcomes and Patterns of Midwifery Care Received by Women and Their Infants in Ontario Between 2006-2009

Dr. Eileen Hutton

Assessing Maternal and Infant Health Outcomes among Women with Gestational or Pre-existing Diabetes

Dr. Chantal Nelson

Neonatal Outcomes in the Era of Periviability: The Journey of Ontario's Tiniest Babies
Dr. Paige Church
Screening Tiny Hearts in Ontario – The CCHD Launch
Jennifer Milburn – Newborn Screening Ontario
Making Ontario Baby-Friendly 
Dr. Linda Young
Unlocking Value – Have We Turned the Key?
Mari Teitelbaum