BORN Conferences

In February 2015, BORN hosted its inaugural conference - The Right Information in the Right Hands at the Right Time: Using Data to Improve Maternal-Child Care and Outcomes.

The two-day conference aimed to bring health care providers, policy makers, health administrators, educators, quality and risk management leaders, and researchers together to share experiences, enhance knowledge, foster partnerships, and promote research.

Participants gained new insight into gathering, analyzing, and using maternal-child data for a variety of purposes: improving outcomes, supporting program planning, and informing policy making. They heard about innovations, emerging trends and best-practices in maternal-child health. They learned how data, coupled with advances in information technology, could improve their ability to monitor services and outcomes and how to integrate evidence into decision-making.

Two themes woven throughout the conference included 1) the power of data to improve care and outcomes and 2) the challenge to protect privacy in this very ‘public age’ of social media.

You can view the presentations and posters from the 2015 BORN conference here.

View the summary slide show from the conference.

Over 1,000 tweets occurred for #BORN2015, you can view the transcript here.

Image of Twitter accounts from conference