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The OMama Project aims to improve maternity and newborn care by providing resources to support the best beginnings of lifelong health. Started in 2014 and launched in December 2015, OMama is a 2-year maternity care pilot project led by the Better Outcomes Registry & Network (BORN Ontario) with support from eHealth Ontario. 

Under the direction of an Advisory Committee made up of experts in medicine (obstetrics and family medicine), midwifery, nursing, e-health, technology, health promotion, evaluation, social work and health policy, OMama is launching a website and mobile app offering trusted, easy-to-understand health information on over 150 topics related to pregnancy, birth and early parenting for women and families, when and where they need it.

Women and maternity care providers were consulted directly via the OMama Facebook page about which topics were most important to them to include in the app and website. The OMama Advisory Committee informed the design of the solutions as well as the evidence-informed maternity care information and advice.

Beginning in December 2015, we’ll evaluate the website and app to learn whether OMama makes it easier to find the information and/or leads to better maternity care.  

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