Partnership Projects

Kid eConnect, EMR Integration Project

Logo for KideConnect project

The BORN Kid eConnect strategy, in partnership with the Ministry of Child and Youth Services and eHealth Ontario, aims to ensure that all children meet their full developmental and health potential. The early years are a critical time for child development, setting the patterns for lifelong health and well-being. Timely assessment of young children provides the opportunity to ensure they receive any additional support needed for the best possible start.

The Kid eConnect strategy expands on the Enhanced 18-Month Well-Baby Visit EMR Integration Project. These projects are expanding data transmission to and from the BORN registry while enhancing clinical workflow and helping providers to assess and monitor child health through the integration of standardized forms and the creation of summary reports.

The strategy will be implemented through a series of projects to further support clinical adoption of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) in Ontario and reach the majority of children and providers.

  1. Child 0-5: Integrates with EMRs to provide enhanced EMR functionality and collection of data from Well-Baby visits, improving clinical workflow, clinical use and data collection from standardized tools. A child development summary report that presents identified areas of concern for all visits from birth to age 5 will be integrated into the EMR solutions.
  2. EMR integration of community referral pathways: Integrates community specific resource guides within the EMR and collects referral outcomes at Well-Baby visits. The guide was designed to provide information regarding services available in communities so that young children are offered the opportunity for healthy development and the best start in life.
  3. Notifications: Making use of data from the registry to inform practice. This project will develop the architecture and tools that will transmit EMR alerts and notifications. This system will support child health and facilitate provider- level reporting for all children 0-5 years of age and support providers in monitoring key child health indicators, benchmarks, and relevant comparators.
  4. Patient- entered data: As health care organizations, EMRs, and 3rd party vendors continue to develop patient- centred tools to support care and patient engagement, there are many opportunities to support healthcare through the integration of patient- entered data. This project will evaluate and develop the integration of EMR and PHR (personal health records) portals collecting patient data relevant to child health outcomes from birth to age 5.

All data transferred from the EMR to the BIS (BORN Information System) will be sent using the eHealth Ontario Information Access Layer (HIAL).

If you would like more information for the Kid eConnect EMR Integration Project, please contact BORN Ontario.