NICU/SCN Dashboard - Coming Soon!

Join us for a noon-hour webinar on November 20th or 29th to learn about this new tool to facilitate improved neonatal care.

New NICU/SCN Dashboard will Go Live on November 22nd, 2018
The NICU/SCN Dashboard was designed to facilitate improved neonatal care by visually indicating evidence-practice gaps related to two selected key performance indicators (KPIs):
1. Rate of primary admissions to NICU/SCN for inborn infants > 35 weeks’ gestation receiving room air as the initial gas used during resuscitation (in the 1st 30 minutes of life).
2. Rate of normal infant temperature (36.5-37.5 C inclusive) for inborn infants on primary admission to NICU/SCN.

The NICU/SCN Dashboard will provide users with: 1) near real-time feedback, with site-specific and peer comparison data for each KPI; 2) a signal or visual display indicating an evidence-practice gap related to the KPIs; and 3) benchmarks to provide direction for practice change where improvement is needed. The ultimate goal of the NICU/SCN Dashboard is to decrease variability in care processes, promote best practice, and improve neonatal outcomes.

*Check out BORN Dashboards for more information about the Maternal Newborn Dashboard and other helpful resources.

We will be hosting a webinar (repeated on two separate dates) to introduce this new report to you.

Webinar Objectives:
• Provide background on the NICU/SCN dashboard development
• Demonstrate the new dashboard 
• Review tools and resources 
• Outline how this tool can be used to support practice improvement

Webinar Dates: Tuesday November 20th or Thursday November 29th, 2018 Noon - 1 PM EST

Presented by: Dr. Sandra Dunn RN, PhD, Research Lead, Knowledge Translation Specialist, BORN Ontario

Audience: Clinicians, educators, managers, administrators, decision support or quality improvement leaders and those persons with a responsibility for running BORN Information System (BIS) NICU/SCN reports

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